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User experience, most of the time is influenced and undermined by unreliable connectivity issues. PWA is accessible even if you lose internet connectivity. It means that you can view the stored data by accessing the site offline.

Secure connectivity prevents sensitive information from unauthorized access and other vulnerabilities. Here, the initial request loads the webpage, CSS, layout, JavaScript Progressive Web Apps in 2027 and the content. While navigating across pages, updates initiate almost instantly. The website may appear slower at first, but the navigation is a lot faster.

The PWA should have few page refreshes, and the app should work in areas of low connectivity or even offline. What’s more, new content should be made available in the app. Because network requests can be intercepted, the app should be hosted over HTTPS to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. Building a company website as well as corresponding apps for Android and iOS devices may require different teams of developers for each application.

Progressive Web Apps examples

You have just downloaded a mobile application from a web app, without having to enter the app store. Not just that, you will be able to browse the contents of the app even when you’re offline. The experience that you have just come across is the PWA.

Disadvantages Of Pwa

In simple words, the Progressive Web App development is a website that is similar to a mobile application. There are numerous reasons why Progressive Web Applications are gaining momentum in the digital space. With native apps, users experience many problems such as storage space, high data consumption, the cost involved in the development, internet connectivity, and many more.

With PWA, a mobile user can swipe through valuable content delivered in “loops” that goes beyond the automotive industry. Konga’s one of most distinctive features is its KXPRESS. It is a company-run logistics network that helps merchants deliver orders to their customers. They are one of the greatest U.S publishers that deliver breaking news to a base of 80M followers.

Progressive Web Apps examples

They can get to development right away, and the benefits can be reaped that much sooner. Quick, engaging, working offline, easy-to-install, Progressive Web Apps have become a great cost-effective alternative to native apps. Because PWAs can be used like native apps, developers should be aware of native-app security considerations that aren’t normally part of web application development.

Building Native Apps Can Be Expensive

It is the most important component for the presence of PWA. When you first connect PWA to a network, a mobile browser reads the “manifest.json” file and stores it locally in cache memory. It’s designed for low-code app building, and it even has a drag and drop setup that lets you do substantial development without writing a line of code. It’s not completely no-code, but it’s very beginner-friendly. It even has ready-to-use web application examples for beginners. All of that said, Zoho is streamlined for data management.

It’s not for beginners with little to no coding experience. Learning about Progressive Web Application development by example is a great idea. Lumavate won’t just give you the tools to build your digital experience. – A showcase of several progressive web apps, collected by the Opera Dev Relations team. The web app is a great example of how developers are using Progressive Web Apps to build amazing experiences on the web. It works completely offline and does a great job of caching both music and animation to make for a fun game. Dean Alan Hume is a coder, author, and Google Developer Expert. He’s passionate about web performance and user experience. PWAs can also take advantage of APIs and browser plugins to ensure that deploying and maintaining a website remains as easy as possible.

The Weather Channel has always looked to the latest technology to be in the top position of weather reporting. Their goal is to provide timely and accurate weather information when it matters the most of their global audience. Yummly is a smart cooking discovery platform that understands user tastes and recommends personalised recipes, shopping list, and one-hour grocery delivery. Along with its native Android & iOS app, the app is also available on web browsers as a PWA.

You’ve definitely heard about all of them and have used half of the sites at least several times. So, here are the companies that have already implemented the PWA examples in their business processes. They changed their website to Progressive Web App for mobile users.

So, they realised that providing a great reading experience on mobile devices is crucial for their long-term success. Rise in conversions on recovered carts via push notifications by 8%, etc. Though their mobile users have risen dramatically in recent years, they noticed that their mobile conversions are low compared to desktop conversions. With over 100 million registered users, Telegram is one of the fastest growing cloud-based instant messaging services which is another great PWA use case worth mentioning.

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Increasing Engagement with Web App Install Banners – An intro to App Install Banners and making sure Chrome offers your web app to your users. Introducing Background Sync – A gentle introduction to background sync, along with some great videos and code samples. You’ll also find the 2018 PWA Bracket Challenge and learn valuable lessons from the winner’s take on app design.

  • So, Let’s unveil the essence of this incredible technology and explain how its obvious advantages can equally become an obvious business success.
  • The main advantage of progressive web applications is that they allow developers to create something that behaves like a mobile app without building one from the ground up.
  • The “manifest.json” file allows the PWA developer to search for a centralized location for the metadata of the web application.
  • Push notifications, offline web pages, and super fast load times are just a few of the great features that developers are using to build Progressive Web Apps.
  • This component ensures a very critical approach to the development of progressive web apps.

Maximiliano Firtman, who teaches a series of courses about PWAs on Pluralsight, said that, at first, it was the only way to create apps for the iPhone. Tammy Xu is a former Built In staff reporter covering software development and trends across the tech industry. A former software developer for Dow, she holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It is one of the largest online destinations for classified ads in India. OLX connects local people to help them sell, buy, or exchange used products and services, making it easy for anyone to post a listing on the web.

How Does Progressive Web App Work?

Since PWAs are built using advanced development tools and practices, these apps are cost-effective in comparison to native mobile apps. Moreover, you get data privacy, security, zero app complexity, and top of that a cross-platform app at a much affordable price. This is a solution that is suitable for any type of business. Progressive solutions work regardless of the platform, the user’s Internet speed, the device used and even the niche in which the business operates is not as important.

Progressive Web Apps examples

First, as it is hosted on a web server, you don’t have to write a unique version of the app for each operating system you want it to support. Progressive Web Apps for iOS are identical to those for Android. Instead of being at the mercy of an app store and their verification process, you can distribute the software as you see fit. The Paper Planes web app uses push notifications to keep you engaged and send you timely updates letting you know when your plane has been caught.

At the stage of debugging an application, the main pitfall is that iOS and Android operating systems impose their limitations and interpret objects in different ways. With the help of mobile PWA application, the media resource Forbes has received more than 12% of new readers. AliExpress is a popular e-commerce website that was introduced by the Alibaba Group. They turned their website a few years ago to a Progressive Web App for mobile phones.

If the promise is fulfilled, the registration is successful; otherwise, the registration is failed. It can receive information from the server even when the application is not running. It shows notifications in the PWA application without opening in the mobile browser.

Progressive Web Applications

It is one of the outstanding examples of Progressive Web Apps. Their targeted customers are vacationers or business travellers in Africa. Trivago Progressive Web App makes it easy for users to compare hotel prices, read reviews, or book a hotel. It also contributes to minimising the search marketing effort for the hotel owners. So, they need to build a Progressive Web App that shows reliable performance even for users with no smartphones, bad-quality internet connection, etc.


The location of the service worker defines the default scope. Whenever you register a service worker file at the main folder of the system, it is not important to specify its scope, because it controls all webpages. First, this code checks whether the browser supports the service worker. The service worker is then registered with navigator.serviceWorker.register when the service worker returns a promise.

You also get success stories, powerful examples and an entire culture of impressive app development. The Washington Post PWA is a great example of a news agency using Service Workers to get the most out of the web. The Washington Post PWA does a great job of using Service Worker caching to ensure that their load times stay fast and resilient regardless of the network. Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are truly changing the way we use the web today. Push notifications, offline web pages, and super fast load times are just a few of the great features that developers are using to build Progressive Web Apps. Even when the PWA is installed as a native-like app, it still shares memory with the browser.

Best Progressive Web Apps 2022

A 63% increase in mobile search users who returned within 7 days. It demonstrates that PWAs are great for customer retention. Alibaba is one of the largest online B2B firms in the world.

After the approval of backlog, the contract on development is signed with the customer. After that, the client receives a preliminary commercial proposal for the development of the application. This technology is responsible for the speed of the application, even in a slow Internet connection. Being an intermediate layer between the front and back end of the application, the Service Worker ensures a smooth transition from the browser. It allows the PWA-developers to gather all JavaScript resources and data in one location. Once the service worker is successfully installed, it converts to the activation phase.

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AliExpress Case Study – AliExpress increases conversion rate for new users by 104% with new progressive web apps. On top of everything above, Lumavate has a specialty that is truly special. The people who have to sell the digital experience — or use it to generate sales — are the ones who can make it. Being no-code, marketers can apply their vast knowledge to develop digital experiences that they know will reach clients and/or customers. The marketers don’t have to spend years learning a new trade in order to be double threats.

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